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Lid Container (Bracket & Label)

Descripción del producto

Lid Containers
1.  Lid has been fixed on the body with hinged structure joined by steel wire.
2.  Skid proof corrugated Lid make it easy to attach label and increase the friction when stacking.
3.  Safety Pin inhibits theft tamper during transportation and storage.
4.  Reinforce Bearing Structures improve the loading ability of the containers.
5.  Cambered and comfortable handling designs are more convenient for carrying.
6.  Integral hinged lids measure the fastening and dustproof of the containers; improve the loading ability of the containers.
7.  Side faces of the containers reserve a space for Bar Code and label, which is useful for visual management.
8.  Reinforced bottom enhance the loading capacity. Skid proof reinforced base for use on all types of conveyors.
9.  Robust design with reinforced support for the distribution of heavy loads.

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